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Hot off the Grill

Experience the bold, distinctive flavors only authentic Filipino food has to offer when you try anything off the menu at Tribu Grill in Union City, California. Not only delicious, you’re eating everything fresh, as we receive our ingredients from local markets and our high-quality meats from local Californian farms up north.

Reserve Our Spectacular Banquet Room

When you’re looking for the perfect venue to hold your next special outing or event, the first name to think should be Tribu Grill. This spacious area can comfortably hold up to 140 people. Make sure everyone in attendance has something great to eat as your reservation also comes with a buffet. Prices come in three variations: $15.95, $17.95, $24.95 (all prices per person). The difference in cost depends on the contents of your food selection. For example, the $24.95 option offers various seafood items compared to the $15.95 or $17.95 levels.

Filipino-Style Barbeque Chicken:
Our Specialty

“Known for our barbeque, roasted, and grilled menu items, one dish that never misses the mark is our Filipino-style barbeque chicken. This special chicken has been marinated with spices such as lemon grass, ginger, and garlic before it hits the barbeque.”

Dinner and a Sizzling Show

Another guest favorite is our Sizzling Sisig. We create this oriental dish at your tableside and serve it to you on a sizzling patty. Warning: everything on the plate will be incredibly delicious; proceed with caution.

The Dish That Always Delivers

The most popular item on our menu is our Binagoongan Rice. We go by the original recipe that features special fired rice topped with roasted pork, mango, tomato, and egg. Customers rave about the presentation, quality, and flavor this dish delivers.

Take the Edge off Your Day

Find time to unwind with one of our cocktails. Redefine the classic margarita once you try one of our Calamansi margaritas; a popular Asian margarita. During Friday and Saturday’s live music nights, order from our various flavors of soju, the Korean version of sake. We offer lychee in mango, strawberry, and peach flavors.

Pipin’ Hot, Straight Out of the Sizzlin’ Pot

Experience the strong, unique taste that only true Filipino food offers!

Food to the Filipino is history, a bond, culture, and identity. When you visit the Philippines, Filipinos make your trip unforgettable with their hospitality and cordial nature.

But there’s more to the story!

They will make you as easygoing and ebullient as their food; their excellent taste and scrumptious recipes instantly make you fall in love with the country.

Experience authentic Filipino cuisine In California!

Tribu Grill brings 100% original and authentic Filipino taste to Union City, California.

We prepare delicious Filipino food using high-quality, locally grown products sourced from California farms. Our secret mixture of Filipino sauces gives you the true Filipino taste, enticing your taste buds like never before. With us, you will bite off more than you can chew!

Try everything on the menu at Tribu Grill in Union City, California. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed!

Make a Reservation in Our Elegant & Spacious Banquet Room

Are you looking for a place to celebrate your special events? Do you want to respect your guests by offering them mouth-watering cuisine? Tribu Grill has got all your demands catered!

Tribu Grill should be the first name to come to your mind when considering a location for your next special occasion or event. Our spacious halls can easily seat up to 140 people. With an incredible buffet setup, we ensure that everyone in attendance has something delicious to eat.


$15.95, $17.95, and $24.95 (all prices per person)

Note: The pricing difference is determined by the menu of your buffet. For example, the $24.95 option has more fish options than the $15.95 or $17.95 levels.

Our Specialties

Barbecued Chicken in Filipino Style

Known for our barbeque, roasted, and grilled menu items, our Filipino-style barbecue chicken never disappoints. Before grilling, this particular chicken is marinated in spices such as lemongrass, ginger, and garlic.

Dinner with a Sizzling Sisig

Our Sizzling Sisig is guests’ favorite. This Asian delicacy is prepared at your table and served atop a sizzling patty. Caution: everything on the platter will be quite tasty; proceed cautiously.

Another Major Hit: Binagoongan Rice

Our Binagoongan Rice is the most popular item on our menu. The original recipe calls for special burned rice topped with roasted pork, mango, tomato, and an egg. Customers laud the presentation, quality, and flavor of this meal.

Take the Stress Out of Your Day with Our Margarita

Finish your meal with our relaxing signature drinks. Try our famous Calamansi margaritas to rediscover the original Asian drink.

Order our different types of soju, the Korean counterpart of sake, during our live music evenings on Friday and Saturday. Lychee is available in mango, strawberry, and peach tastes.

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