Different Ownership
Higher Expectations

The Tupaz family took over Tribu Grill in July of 2014. Like many Filipino families, they are immigrants from the Philippines and are honored to run such a trusted and established Filipino restaurant in Union City, California.

They continue to demonstrate their passion for creating great food and establishing a customer experience unlike any other. Keeping you, the customer, first is at the core of everything we do.

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Tribu Grill: Scrumptious Filipino Cuisines, now in California!

Food works as fuel in our lives, and when it’s delicious and pleasing to the eyes, it leaves a greater impact.

Try our Filipino food! It’s not just fuel – it’s an experience.

At Tribu Grill, we serve you a delectably plated dish full of scrumptious Filipino food that is nutritious and Amuse-Bouche at the same time.

Our Mission

  • To satisfy our clients by providing 100% original and authentic Filipino food
  • To bring high-quality cuisine and good service at a fair price to the table
  • To produce a socially engaging atmosphere where families can spend quality time together

Our Vision

  • To please our guests via delicious taste, high-quality standards, and an exceptional restaurant experience
  • To work for the greater benefit of our staff, community, and environment
  • To understand our customers’ evolving demands and continuously improve the client experience accordingly
  • To make a difference in our society via projects that correspond with our corporate social responsibility agenda

The Journey of Tribu Grill: New Owners. Same Authentic Taste.

The Tupaz family, immigrants from the Philippines, took over Tribu Grill in July 2014. The family is happy to serve the community and maintain its reputation as one of the best in Union City.

The Tupaz family wants visitors to taste and experience Filipino food at its best – authentic and delicious! The cooks at Tribu Grill are enthusiastic about serving scrumptious dishes, giving customers in California a one-of-a-kind food experience.

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